It’s 2018 and Microsoft needs its Windows 10 clients to give Edge the benefit of the doubt and use it, and not only for installing Chrome. It all started with 2 ads.

Speed and security

Microsoft shared the two new advertisements on New Year’s Eve, setting Edge against Chrome, and stated that Edge is faster than Chrome with 48%. Also, he talks about safety, stating that with the help of SmartScreen, Edge would make a better candidate, because it blocks about 18% more dangerous sites than Chrome.

That, as well as Microsoft, contends that Edge is more secure as well, because of SmartScreen, its inherent likeness Google’s Safe Browsing against phishing innovation. Microsoft says:

Google stated, through valid reports, that two autonomous security companies discovered Safe Browsing and it’s even more precise than SmartScreen.

How strong is the battery?

The second’s promotion Microsoft shared puts Edge against Firefox and Chrome when it comes to battery life.

To demonstrate the difference, they played an HD streamed video on each with a continuous loop to see which battery will die first.

Edge proves to be the best, enduring 16 hours and eight minutes, versus Chrome, with only 13 hours and 31 minutes. Firefox had 9 hours and 52 minutes, concluding that Edge can stream a video 63% longer than Chrome. This test was based on the average life of the battery, which, as we know, varies from different factors.

GitHub also showed that Microsoft used for the test Edge 16, Chrome 62, Firefox 56 and 57. So it’s safe to say that all browsers were updated before.

How it happened?

There were 3 laptops, each with one browser opened. All the screens were set with brightness at 50%, the volume was mute, location and Bluetooth disabled. They were all connected to Wi-Fi and only worked based on the life of the battery, which means that they were not plugged in. The cache was also cleared on each browser.

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