The Norton Antivirus software is arguably one of the most utilized protection software in the world and it has had its time as the one of the best, but it lacks some of the features that other protection software companies provide. However Norton by Symantec is still a great option you can take in order to protect your computer system from malicious elements both online and offline.

The obvious plus of Norton anti-virus engine is that it is great at detecting malware, a malicious type of program that is now popularly being used to attack a computer system. While the negative trait that Norton is infamous for especially on its latest release is that it weighs heavily on the system it is installed on, affecting the overall performance of the machine.

The 4 Types of Norton Antivirus

Norton sells 4 types of Norton Antivirus software. Each Antivirus type has the same basic system that is efficient at doing its job including detecting malware, but more features and freebies are added as the price increases.

  1. Norton Antivirus Basic

The first one is the entry level Antivirus which is also known as Norton Antivirus Basic. This software sill cost you $ 40 per year and it will only support one personal computer that has a Windows operating system on it. It supports Windows XP up to the latest 10. Its features include anti-phishing, anti-spam, and browser extensions. The downside is that it has no tech support, which you will really feel when something major happens in your system. However the odds of that happening are very slim as long as you make it a habit to practice safe computing.

  1. Norton Security Standard

This second tier level antivirus by Norton can be used for a Windows machine as well as for Android, MAC, and IOS. However it is still only good for one machine. Unlike the entry level the NS Standard comes with a 24/7 customer tech support for when serious problems arise. This tier will cost you $ 60 per year to use. It has the same features as with the first tier plus a Network Scanner and a two-way firewall.

  1. Norton Security Deluxe

The Norton Security Deluxe is the third product from Norton and will cost you $ 80 per year. It also supports XP to Windows 10 as well as Andriod, MAC, and IOS systems as well. It has all the features of the tier 2 software but it sports a Web-Management Portal. It covers at most 5 machines which is a useful option for small offices or even a home system.

  1. Norton Security Premium

This is the top product line of Norton is rated at $ 90 a year, but with that extra 10 bucks compared to the Norton Security Deluxe you get a lot more. It has all the feature of the first 3 tiers, but also has Backup Software, 25 Gigabytes of encrypted Online Storage, and Parental Controls (which are very useful if you have growing children). This option is good for at most 10 devices perfect for a small scale office.

With any of the options you are free to download a Rescue Disk and System Optimizer from Norton by Symantec.

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