There are a lot of Antivirus software circulating in the market right now and determining the best among them is a matter of debate. There are a lot of choices to choose from because of the multitude of strong contenders plus the fact that today’s best might become one of tomorrows worst. This finicky situation is not by accident but by the nature of the business.

At any moment there could be a new threat that might not be able to easily destroy the defenses setup by the best of anti-virus softwares but are unable to sneak pass other lesser known protection softwares.

Understand that there are two kinds of Anti-Virus Software

Yes not all software are created equal and how they would compare depends on the needs of the user on a case to case basis. There are basically two kinds of anti-virus software that security vendors provide.

The first one is usually a bare-bones program that has all the essentials needed in order to aptly protect the computer of the user from outside threats. While the second kind is the premium software that usually boast of extra features that help ensure a total protection experience when using the computer online and offline.

How to select the best anti-virus software that fits your needs

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Once size, fits all…?” This is not valid when it comes to anti-virus software. Since one business may have an array of different factors that another business does not have. So don’t settle immediately for the nearest item in the corner shelf, instead take time to know what exactly is the scope of your company’s security needs and what’s in the market that closely fills the gap.

Does it provide ample protection

Before buying the anti-virus software checkout for reviews from third party reviewers. They usually provide fair reviews on the performance of each anti-virus software on the market detailing how well the software was able to detect malware effectively.

How much does it cost and will there be support

Having a ballpark figure of the different contenders you are considering will help you decide, which to choose. Make sure you have also checkout the extend of their after purchase support. Learn as much as you can whether they will be dropping you off like a hot potato after getting your money or that they will still be around to help you with all your queries.

How will it affect performance

You have to make sure to check how the anti-virus affects the speed of your computer especially if your workflow requires your computers to be fast all the time. There are some anti-virus software out there that can significantly affect the speed of the computer it is installed in.

The Three Recommended Anti-Virus Software

There are a lot of great anti-virus software to take a pick from but these 3 are among the frequently chosen to be used in small-scale businesses: Kasperskey Small Office Security, Panda Endpoint Protection Plus, and Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security. These three provide ample protection while flexible enough to meet the different needs of a growing business.

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