Facebook Lite is an awesome app that makes keeping up with family members and friends so much easier than it used to be. This is the lite version of the famous Facebook app and it delivers the same performances, cool features and communication tools while reducing the storage space and mobile data consumption at the same time.

Facebook Lite Beta APK

Knowing that Facebook is the company who is in charge of this app, people expect a premium user experience and fast performances. Luckily, this is exactly what Facebook Lite offers. The app is constantly bombarded with new APK updates which bring its performance to the next level.

In fact, the reason why Facebook Lite is in our sights today is because a new APK has been made available. The new APK brings the app’s version number up to “ Beta” and its focused on improving Facebook Lite’s overall performance.

Improved Reliability and Speed

As previously mentioned, the new APK is solely focused on improving the app’s performances. Therefore, the update is filled with software tweaks which make sure that Facebook Lite is always running at its full capacity. However, that’s not all since the new APK also contains a bunch of bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are the most annoying things ever and considering that Facebook Lite is used by millions of people, the developer team who is in charge of the app is always releasing new updates which remove them. With that being said, Facebook Lite fans who want to enjoy a premium bug-free experience should make sure to update the app with the latest APK because it gets rid of all annoying bugs. In addition, the bug fixes also improve the app’s reliability by ensuring that it never malfunctions or randomly crash down.

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