The internet browser market only provides a handful of decent solutions, but it’s enough because the existing browsers are top players. Just like on PC, Chrome leads the race on mobile, with users trusting Google’s browsers more than any other. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that Google Chrome is the only browser worth looking at. When it comes to mobile browsers, Firefox is also present. The PC browser giant has established a foothold on the Android platform and has now come out with Firefox for Android Beta 58.0.  There are plenty of reasons for which you would enjoy switching over to Mozilla’s Firefox, but here’s what’s new in the latest build.

What’s new?

This new build allows users to add websites to the home screen. They can take their rightful place on the home screen just like native applications, which gives users an insane amount of control, versatility and customization. Basically, you can browse the internet just the way you want to.

Support for the popular FLAC format has also been added, as today’s users are all about FLAC playback. For those that aren’t quite caught up with the different file formats for audio, FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec and it’s one of the top quality formats available.

The browser’s latest update also brings new locales to the table, specifically Bengali and Nepali, therefore bringing even more regions into the fold. Users that are native in either addition can now browse the web and navigate through the browser with more ease.

Firefox for Android Beta 58.0 has not only added to the app, but also removed. To be more specific, we’re talking about the Firefox Search widget, which is no longer part of the app. (Ultram) While some might feel bad about losing the Firefox Search widget, there’s no doubt about the fact that there will also be some happy faces amongst the crowd.

Helping the developers

If you’re not sure about using a beta version of the app, you should know that the developers are counting on users to try out the beta version, and provide feedback. It is a common misconception that user feedback doesn’t really hold any relevance when it comes to changes made to an app, but in reality it is extremely important and the developers are always looking for user feedback in order to figure out what they must do next in terms of updates or app changes.

There’s a lot to enjoy with Firefox for Android, and the new additions to the feature list will only make the experience that much better. Besides, you can be the first one in your friend group to use Firefox’s latest version, so by the time they get the live version, you’ll already be a veteran.

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