There is a circulating ransomware on the Internet that has caused concern for computer users. In fact, it has presented itself as an Adobe Flash Player download option, which tends to update your version of the app on your computer.

Ransomware Attack

This was called the Bad Rabbit, which started to victimize organizations in Eastern Europe and Russia. The malware has been circulating by compromised websites, which has led users to believe it was from Adobe Systems. So, when a user visits a compromised site, he or she will be redirected to a site hosting malicious files.

When infected with this ransomware, users are brought to a Web page along the dark Web. Thus, they will be asked to pay 0.05 bitcoin in order to get back their files, which weren’t lost in the first place. This malicious activity would demand users to pay around US$285.

The moment a computer on a network gets infected, the Bad Rabbit malware will covertly and quickly spread within the organization without being detected. The ransomware has been detected in some countries, but the concentration of such malware is focused on organizations in Ukraine and Russia.

New Enhanced User Experience

Version update has been developed to work on Windows devices, requiring 19.8MB of free disk space. Although it is just small in size, it has a bunch of new features, which ought to bring Flash Player to a new level. Some of the features included in the update include the following.

  • Content Protection for Mobile Devices – this feature has been focused on Android tablets and smartphones. So, things should go better with Flash Access, including BlackBerry smartphones.
  • Protection of HTTP Dynamic Streaming – this should enhance the protection of streaming video features of the plug-in.
  • JPEG-XR Support – the advanced image compression standards will be supported by both Adobe AIR and Flash Player. This format would also support transparency for alpha channels.


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