Every Android fan who loves to travel and discover new places should hurry up and download the latest APK for Google Maps. The reason we are saying this is because Google Maps is the best travel companion in the world and it’s one of the apps that gives Google’s Android operating system an edge over its competition.

  • Google Maps – Navigation & Transit 9.66.1

The latest version of Google Maps is 9.66.1 and the update which brings it up to that version can be downloaded right now. We should also mention that Google is surely going to release the OTA (over the air) version of the update during the upcoming future but this doesn’t mean that Android users need to wait for it.

The cool thing about APK (Android Package Kit) updates is the fact that they are released days or weeks ahead the official releases. Therefore, eager Android fans who enjoy getting the latest updates are not required to wait for Google to start rolling them out and just manually install them instead.

  • Worldwide Coverage

The first thing that comes to mind when someone brings up Google Maps is the app’s worldwide coverage. This app is filled with detailed maps of the entire world including highly populated cities such as Boston, Denver and so on. However, the thing that Google Maps excels at is providing users with fast, reliable and secure navigation routes.

  • Exploring Foreign Countries

Another great thing about Google Maps is the fact that it makes it possible for users to explore foreign countries as a local. Google Maps features a cool rating system which makes it easier for people to choose the restaurants, bars, zoos and other public places to visit.

Lastly, Google Maps is better than all other map-related apps because it features a 3D Street View Mode. People can use this mode and get a real-life view of how different locations look before visiting them.

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