The Dragon Age Trilogy is ready to lose its trilogy status and a fourth game should be released. So far we do not know too many details, but there are reasons to believe that Dragon Age 4 will come with a surprising change that will make the game different from all the previous ones.

Maintaining the protagonist

If you are a Dragon Age fan or if know at least a thing or two about the plot of the games, then you are already aware that there is a new protagonist in every game. This thing did not change so far, and every game came with a different main character, despite the fact that all the games were connected together thanks to the plot.

However, it appears that this thing is about to change. Dragon Age 3 left many unsolved mysteries and the fans wanted to find out more about what happened next. As it turns out, the game developers are ready to offer them exactly what they want. The next game in the series might have the same protagonist as Dragon Age Inquisition and it will continue his story.

Dragon Age 5 might do the same thing

Mike Laidlaw, Dragon Age’s writer has also said on Twitter that the story from the next sequel will continue into Dragon Age 5. This would mean that Dragon Age 4 will be the first game in the series to keep the protagonist, and Dragon Age 5 will do exactly the same thing.

This would mean that we might have a plot that will extend in three different games and we will get to play as the same character for all of them. It is hard to say anything for sure until it is officially confirmed, but it seems like a plausible theory.

  1. I was guessing the same some time ago. Totally could be true imo. But I’m sure that the inquisitor needs to be part of the new game in a more major role than just acting as an advisor. If DAI is canon, then the inqui is now searching for “people, he (solas) doesn’t know” heading towards tevinter …could “just” be a new hero that he/she is searching for. Or, more likley, could also be a new kind of “inquisition!” that is reshaped and rebuild to stop Solas.

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