Skyrim Switch Update 1.1 is finally here and it solves some important issues, and it also comes with support for video capture. Let’s take a look at this update and analyze everything that it has to offer.

Fixes and improvements

Skyrim Switch Update 1.1 manages to fix various audio issues, such as the one where static could be heard after fast traveling. Another issue that was fixed is the one where items that were Legend of Zelda themed did not align the right way on the weapon racks in player’s home.

This version will improve motion controls, since many players had problems with them. Here are some of the issues encountered by gamers:

  • “Attacks are not registering when using the up and down motion with the left hand.” This problem has been fixed in the update. Left handed attacks require the side to side motion.
  • “Archery crosshairs will gradually drift downward with an arrow/bolt drawn.” In order to solve this problem, you will need to turn off motion controls and use game controls instead.
  • “I’m partially stuck after trying to perform a power attack with the left Joy-Con while on horseback.” This issue can be solved by dismounting the horse since left handed power attacks did not work on horseback.
  • “I’m stuck in mid attack animation after trying to perform a power attack with the right Joy-Con.” This is another issue solved by the 1.1. For this problem you will need to press the right side attack button so that the attack will be completed.

This update also comes with support for traditional Chinese language, which includes both text and subtitles, and it also has support for Video Capture, and you can simply do that by using the Capture button on the Switch.

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