Clash Royale is always preparing surprises for its players, but sometimes the fans are able to discover them before they are even released. This was the case for update 2.1.5 which was datamined by Reddit user Asdamp and he posted his findings.

All the details posted by him were found in the 2.1.5 update soon after it was released. Let’s see what this Clash Royal Update has to offer.

New quests, chests, arena and more

The datamining revealed some interesting details. It appears that the Arena King of the Hill is being tested which means that King of the Hill is on its way to Clash Royale.

When it comes to chests, it appears that there will be themed quests. They come just in time for Christmas and they will probably have items related to the holiday. Also, it was announced that there will be three new chests for quests, but despite this fact it appears that the chest cycle has not changed, which is strange.

Additionally, the Reddit user managed to discover information about quests. It appears that now free chest quest is pinned as a Daily quest, which means that you won’t be able to skip it. Also, the “Use x times low cost spells” quest won’t appear that often from now on, and daily quests will give you gems, gold, common cards and rare card in different order.

There are some details about heroes too. There are two heroes, the archer queen and the barbarian king and it appears that you can only have one hero on a deck and you cannot mirror the hero or its ability.

Other changes

This update also has some Christmas decorations and even Christmas music (you can listen it here). It also appears that there will be some Christmas skins as well.

The code also indicates that there will be a new event that will probably be related to fortune chests.

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