If you know your video games then it would be impossible to miss the Grand Theft Auto V iteration or all of its iterations for that matter. It is one of the most iconic games ever to have been release that incorporates a first person experience in a SIMS-like world where the character you are playing gets to explore the city and interact with a lot of other characters in the gameplay. The glaring difference is that Grand Theft Auto is in another whole level when it comes to violence that is only rivaled by a few ‘legal’ video games.


If you are a parent then you need to understand that there are things in the gameplay of GTA that are not appropriate for minors which includes nudity, violence, bad language, alcohol, and drugs. In short, if you got this for yourself then you are good, but if you got this for your kid, then you need to return it to the store and get another one.

The game’s protagonist is basically a criminal that will commit a lot of felonies all throughout the entirety of the game. There is zero hint of a redeeming quality that you sometimes see in Hollywood action movies. Basically the game will be about killing fellow gangsters, policemen, and innocent civilians. There will also be a lot of car-napping involved as well as a bit of torture and women are only to be treated as sexual objects. To sum it all up, none of the characters in the game are good role models and no moral lesson can be taken from the game.

When does Grand Theft Auto 6 come out?

There is no solid date yet on the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 and fans are restless. There has been a lot of speculation and rumors but Rockstar, the game’s creator has yet to issue an official statement.

There is however a new game from Rockstar which is their Red Dead Redemption 2, which came 3 years after GTA Online. Perhaps the sanest assumption would be that 3 years from now GTA 6 will finally come out at 2020.

Four Things to Expect for GTA 6(maybe)

  1. The location of the next GTA iteration is still yet to be finalized, but there are deductions that it’ll be another city within the US as there are still a lot of places to showcase within the country.
  2. The next expectation would be that the game will be fully compatible with virtual reality since there is now a considerable market for Virtual Reality products as of date.
  3. A switch that toggles from good to evil and vice-versa. This might actually be an option in the next GTA iteration. Having the choice to play the good guy or the bad guy in the much awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 would be a much welcome breath of fresh air for fans and patrons of the game.
  4. Another expectation would be that there will be a female protagonist (or anti-hero) since the game might want to satiate a considerable percentage of their fans which are female. And there are even strong considerations for Eva Mendez to be that face behind that female lead protagonist

Further learn about the details of Grand Theft Auto’s next release today.

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