Maybe it’s time for a GTA 6 in our lives. Even though Rockstar did not release any information yet, some of us heard rumours concerning the next game. It is true that we don’t have to take it by grand since the leaking information could be simply just fake words.

Hopefully, GTA 6 somewhere exists in the process and as we reported last year in 2016, the game was in production. We know that Rockstar focused intensely on GTA Online and GTA 5 came on the market in about 85 million copies and is not expected the less for GTA 6.

When should we expect to hear from them?

How can we say it? There are no hints we can track here. Everything is a blur right now and they are no information about GTA 6. Rockstar’s main focus is on their next big game Red Dead Redemption 2. The production has a history though.  We know how many times they had to delay the release date. The same happened to GTA 5 or the PC version, and now it happened to Red Dead Redemption too. Don’t just wait for it in vain.

The setting game’s map

GTA didn’t use real-world locations but, cities as Liberty City and Los Santos were based on New York, respectively Los Angeles. All the fans have their own ideas concerning the map location. We are sure the next map will include bigger size goals and will include US location as examples. And since a real estate company wants for the setting to be in Portland, we are just going to see when that happens.

Will there be any known faces?

We are sure that GTA 6 will keep one of the favourite characters for the sake of the game. Laszlow Jones was in the game since GTA 3, Ken Rosenburg the one who represented Tommy from Vice City and Cj from San Andreas they are all also making an appearance in GTA 5.

If you are wondering about the vehicles, Rockstar has a wide range in the previous GTA 5 and GTA Online games. We are more than sure there will be provided new options for you to ride through the streets.

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