Google Play Services is an integrated service within the Android operating system which plays a very important role in how the OS itself functions. Without the Google Play Services integration, Android devices wouldn’t be nearly as stable or efficient, because all their other functions would suffer.  Many of your Android device’s functions and features are directly tied to Google Play Services, so the latter needs to be higher up on the priority list when it’s time to update software.

Indeed, contrary to what some might think, Google Play Services also needs to be updated to the latest version when it’s available, and currently that version is 11.9.40 beta. The latest implementation for the service brings new improvements in the performance department and further bolster’s the Android OS’s performance levels.

Things Google Play Services is good for

As mentioned previously, multiple Android services are connected to this component. For starters, you need it in order to be able to update all your other apps from the Google Play Store. Aside from that, your Google authorization, privacy options and account sync are also dependant on it. It has a combination of both online and offline responsibilities and being outdated renders it less effective.

Updating applications through Google Play directly is a lot easier than any other alternative, which is why users should make the effort of always keeping Services up to date and ready to go in case there’s a new update available for your favorite installed app.

Downloading Google Play Services without an internet connection

If you don’t have a WiFi connection available or there just isn’t any way for you to get internet on your phone right now, don’t fret. There is still an easy way for you to update your phone’s Google Play Services, using your computer or laptop. For that matter, you can use any other device that has access to the internet in order to search for and download the latest Services version. In this case, we’re talking about version 11.9.40 beta. You can download it in the form of an APK file which can then be copied on your mobile device.

Once the APK file is in your device’s local storage, just tap on it and start the installation process. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds for it to successfully install, thus updating your Google Play Services to the latest version.

Making sure everything is in order

Just to be sure, you should check to see if Services has really been updated to the latest version. You can do this by heading over to your phone’s Apps section. This can be found under Settings and once there, look for Google Play Services. The number next to it should tell you what app version it’s currently on.

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