WhatsApp is one of the world’s leading online chatting apps and its popularity keeps on growing. Even though WhatsApp is mainly known for being an app, there is also a desktop version of it. This version will prove to be quite useful, especially for people who work office jobs and don’t want to be seen checking their smartphone every minute.

WhatsApp Desktop Version

Since this is the desktop version of WhatsApp, users are not going to download it from the Play Store or App Store. Instead of this, interested users are required to access WhatsApp’s official website where they will find a special QR code.

The aforementioned QR code needs to be scanned with the mobile app that’s installed on a smartphone. After this is done, the website will provide users with a step by step guide on how to install the desktop version of WhatsApp.

We should also mention that the way to scan QR codes through WhatsApp is by accessing the “Settings” or “Menu” panel, depending on the operating system, and then by tapping on the “WhatsApp Web” option. All that’s left now is to point the smartphone’s camera at the QR code and to wait for it to scan.

Free Video and Audio Calling

Obviously, WhatsApp is mainly being used as an alternative to text messaging. However, WhatsApp also enables users to place video or audio calls with their friends. Things get even better since WhatsApp supports group calls which makes it a great replacement for Skype.

Sending Files

One of the things that WhatsApp excels at is sending files. People can attach any type of file formats they want in WhatsApp texts and send them to their friends. Moreover, WhatsApp excels when it comes to sending pictures because it doesn’t ruin their quality, like Facebook Messenger does.

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