Lots of Clash of Clans enthusiasts might have known a thing or two about how to attack and build defenses. However, it pays to have basic strategies in order to become victorious in attacking and defending the village. Here are some of the strategies you need to know.


Gems are one of the priceless possessions that you can earn from time to time. They are useful, particularly when buying additional builders or boosting the production. Be it via achievements or just by cleaning off your yard, you can easily earn them. The best thing about gems is that you should earn and save them for the rainy days. Clearing your village of trees, rocks, or logs, can earn you easy gems. So, make it a point to tidy up around your area.

Build Tough Villages

Another thing that you need to do is to build a tough village to attack. This is essential if you are planning to win trophies, which are equally useful when making an attack. You can either secure your Town Hall or build strong Walls to keep enemies busy while your defenses work on slaughtering the attackers. So, build a village design that could withstand any attack combination.

Hold On The Active Shield

Another thing that you have to think about is not to break your shield. When you have been attacked, you can earn a shield depending on how big the damage has been. So try to relax and refrain from attacking when you have a shield because it can give you more time to recover too.

Upgrade Defenses

Always remember to upgrade your defenses. Without having a great defense, your village will just lose easily to the opponent. After all, you can gain more experience in the process of doing it.

Upgrade To Max Troops

Troops are important for attacking, so make it a point to upgrade them while doing the upgrade on other aspects of your village. Start with troops that can be easily upgraded to Max level. You will be amazed on how resilient they become in battle.

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