For a game that was tagged as a copycat in its early life, Saints Row has done quite well for itself. Developed by the gaming company Volition, it was initially released in 2006. Back then, it was criticized as a cheap Grand Theft Auto knockoff. However, it has proved itself to be so much more.

Open World

One feature that worked best for Volition when creating its various games is adopting an open world system for its various projects. This means that developers working on different games like Red Faction and Agents of Mayhem can collaborate on material that would appear in the Saints Row franchise. Existing in this shared universe has allowed this sandbox game to be break boundaries in terms of of the quests and activities that it can offer players.

Anticipated Features

With Saints Row 5 in development since 2015, we can hopefully have a trailer anywhere this year or in the early part of next year.

TheLeaker has published a compilation of features that gamers would like to see on Saints Row’s fifth installment.

  • Going back to its Gangster Roots, that’s their unique Genre
  • Bringing back the resemblances to Saints Row 2
  • A wide range of Weapons and New Super Powers
  • Ability to Customize Cars, Super Powers for each Character and Character body parts type
  • -> Customizable Angel Wings
  • -> Customizable head/masks
  • -> Customizable Powers to each body part, this will thus give us more in-depth control over characters
  • AI-powered enemies and Boss
  • A Complete new large city or as many fans want a combo of Steelport and Stilwater
  • Broad-Casting other player’s Chaos in the city, on a giant screen near News Offices in the city
  • Collapsable City buildings, where your powers damage them
  • Time Travel could be also a thing in the next sequel
  • Environmental change as per the mission’s nature

With news surfacing about the development of GTA 6, we can expect Saints Row 5 to be even bigger and better than it has ever been before.


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