With more than one billion downloads since it was launched in 2016, Pokémon Go remains to be one of the most popular augmented reality mobile games in the world.

The collaboration between the Pokémon Company, Niantic and Nintendo resulted in a cult following because of its unique location-based concept that allowed players to move around while chasing Pokémons in different areas.

As its number of die-hard players grows, so did the tricks that they’ve come up with to help chase those elusive Pokémons faster, one of which is to use Fly GPS, an app from the Google Play Store that allows players to use a joystick when playing Pokémon Go.

Just recently, however, those who downloaded the app complained that Fly GPS doesn’t work on the game anymore. So we dug a little deeper and here’s what we know so far:

Players are receiving third party application warnings.

A lot of players have received warning pop-ups as the game detected a blacklisted app like Fly GPS on their phones. Although this doesn’t have a direct effect on gameplay, these constant pop-ups become annoying and it could eventually result in a shadow ban, which means that players are not able to see rare Pokémons if the app is not deleted.

Players are experiencing the “failed to detect location” error.

One of the most commonly complained errors in Pokémon Go is “failed to detect location” from the Fly GPS app where the players can still be in their desired location but they couldn’t see any pokestops or Pokémons at all.

The main culprit for this problem is the Android security update released last March through Over-The-Air (OTA) to fix some of the vulnerabilities in both Android 6 Marshmallow and 7 Nougat. To fix this problem, a lot of players downgraded their Android or deleted and re-installed their Fly GPS as a system app. Some players have also reported that they just needed to step outside the game for about 60 seconds and when they logged back in, their GPS worked fine again. Others also just rebooted their phone and that fixed the issue.

Of course, it’s also very important to use the updated version of Pokémon Go to avoid any errors that could affect gameplay and cause bans in the game.

The errors with Fly GPS have been a recurring problem, but simple fixes could actually make it work again. It’s all about adapting to any changes within the game’s algorithms to make sure that players could use apps like Fly GPS smoothly when playing the game.

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