We’ve just seen Apple launching their iOS 11 and since then there have been some issues with the operating system that the creators have tackled so far. But what statistics show is a worrying number for this latest operating system. Compared to its previous iterations, the adoption rates are slow.

iOS 11 Update Hasn’t Been Installed By Many Users so Far

On the App Store page for developer support, there are only 52% iOS devices that have iOS 11, 38% devices with iOS 10 and 10% with an earlier version. The iOS 10 was at 60% at this time when it got launched, and this means that the adoption rate is declined.

If we compare iOS 11 with the Android Oreo 8.0 which was launched this fall, we shouldn’t worry too much, as there are only 0.2% users that have upgraded their Android OS.

The iOS 11 Still Has Bugs, Issues and Only Some Minor Features for iPhones

The main issue with the lagging of adoption rates for iOS 11 is the cause of bugs and problems that bother the users ever since it was launched.

A lot of users have waited for the OS to be fixed and improved before experiencing these issues, causing the adoption rate to decline.

There is another reason behind the option of not upgrading to iOS 11. It seems that this new OS is more aimed at iPad devices and doesn’t focus on smartphones as much as they’d like to. While most of the interesting features are only working for iPads, the iPhones get minor updates that are simply not tempting enough.

If you own an iPhone and want to upgrade to the iOS 11, you can first check if it’s supported. But we recommend you wait a little more until Apple will get all those bugs and issues fixed so that you can have a better users experience.

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