The most recent update about Adobe Flash Player includes a warning for users that hackers are quickly exploiting vulnerabilities in its multimedia software platform. So Adobe has urged users to prevent these attacks by patching their systems.

This warning was from Kaspersky Lab Inc, which is a cyber security firm, tracking some malicious software called BlackOasis. The malware was known as FinFisher or FinSpy, a commercial product sold to law enforcement agencies and nation states for surveillance purposes.

Adobe was notified by Kaspersky of the said vulnerability and was able to send security updates for Chrome OS, Linux, Macintosh, and Windows operating systems. This attack was traced back to be similar to the exploit spotted in September.

The update was intended to fix the problem, affecting familiar Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. Thus, issues found in Adobe Flash Player can easily be resolved when installed on any supported edition of Windows.

You can install the update via Windows Update. Just turn auto updating to automatically download and install it. You can also use Microsoft Update Catalog in order to get the standalone package for the said update.

It is also ideal to visit the official website of Adobe Flash Player and download the APK version for mobile devices. On the other hand, you can get the latest version for your computer browser.

You can say that the glory days of Flash Player have come to an end. However, its exit would be bothered by security issues, as it was for the majority of its existence. The latest attack was focused on Mid Eastern politics, opposition journalists and activists, as well as UN officials.

If you just can’t get enough of Adobe Flash Player yet, then you should get the latest update to your plug-in to avoid security threats. So far, such threats have victimized countries in the Middle East and Africa.

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