WhatsApp is perhaps the most popular instant messaging app used by smartphone owners. Just as any other messaging app it offers a blocking feature and any user can select it to block someone on his list. The person blocked can no longer send messages. That is if he/she does not know there are at least three ways of managing to send a message even if he/she was blocked.

Methods of messaging someone who has blocked you

Method number 1: Uninstall WhatsApp

A first and simple way of messaging someone who has blocked you is by deleting your WhatsApp account and signing up again. If you were blocked by a friend you argued with, but you need to send him/her something important, then it is surely worth uninstalling and then installing back the app.

Method number 2: Use chat groups

If the person who blocked you is in the contact list of another acquaintance, then you can ask the latter to create a group in which both you and the person who blocked you are invited. This is helpful for those who do not feel like deleting their WhatsApp account and creating it again. If the message you want to send to the person who has blocked you is personal, then simply ask the acquaintance who created the group to leave it. Once that person exits the group, you can send your message.

Method number 3: Use another texting app

If you do not feel like uninstalling WhatsApp or asking anyone else a favor, then simply text the contact who has blocked you from WhatsApp with your default text messaging app.

There are also other alternative texting apps that person might use such as LINE, VIBER, Telegram, Hike etc. If you do not have credit on your phone to send a regular text, then use your internet and an alternative texting app.

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