WhatsApp is the world’s most popular online communication and it offers free messaging, audio and video calling features. Things don’t end there since WhatsApp is packed with many other features which make it easier for people to get in touch with their friends and to share files with them.

WhatsApp 2.17.417 APK Beta Update

The reason we are talking about WhatsApp today is because the developers have released a new APK. This APK brings the app’s version number up to 2.17.417 and it introduces two major features. We should also mention that this update can only be downloaded and installed by beta users. Although, anyone can enlist in WhatsApp’s beta program and the only thing they need to do in return is to provide the developers with serious feedback.

Deleting Sent Messages

One of the most annoying things about talking with people online is sending messages by mistake. Things can get pretty awkward when you write a message for your friend but send it to your boss by mistake. Fortunately, WhatsApp’s developers have been paying attention to what the community was asking for and introduced a new feature that enables users to delete the messages they sent by mistake.

The way this feature works is by tapping and holding on a message that’s been sent in the last seven minutes and the option to “Delete” will appear. After tapping that option, WhatsApp users will get the second option which allows them to “Delete for Everyone”. Nonetheless, this is a great addition and we can be sure everyone is happy that it’s been introduced.

Live Location Sharing

The second major feature that’s being introduced alongside this new update is live location sharing. As the feature’s name implies, users are now going to be allowed to share their location in real-time when meeting with their friends by selecting the “Attach” feature.

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