New updates to the WhatsApp instant messaging app were released first for iOS devices. In this new update, users are allowed to play videos from YouTube within the app. Moreover, it will give users the ability to navigate to other chats while watching the video. Version 2.17.81 of WhatsApp was published in the App Store.

The moment you receive a video from YouTube, you will be able to play it within WhatsApp. You will be able to keep watching the video even if you are doing another chat via picture-in-picture capability.

You might have noticed before that when you open a YouTube video link, you will be redirected to the YouTube app on your smartphone. This time, you can stay within WhatsApp and continue what you were doing while allowing the video to continue playing.

You can also record long voice messages easily. Simply swipe up in order to lock recording and continue to record without putting your finger down. Currently, this new feature has been disabled but it would soon be enabled from the server.

WhatsApp is likewise working on a new feature to allow users to switch from voice to video call quickly while it is in progress. In fact, a new button has been developed in order to help users switch quickly from voice to video call. However, the recipient can reject or accept the incoming video call as he or she desires.

WhatsApp version 2.17.81 also features a new way to record voice messages via hands-free method. Thus, you can follow the same process of holding the mic icon in order to begin recording. You will also notice another lock icon above the mic, which you can use to lock by swiping up and release your hands to continue the recording process.

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