Are you new to the Clash of Clans game? If so, then you should know that the game requires building forts, which means you need resources and gold. Players can collect resources, create buildings and build troops to help them fight against other game players.

Sounds fairly simple, right? Well, it’s not as simple as that seemed to make it out to be. What are some of the things you should know about Clash of Clans to improve your game playing skills?

Save Up Your Gems

Here, you should exercise some patience. The more gems you have, the better off you’re going to be. Spend the gems on things that are really important to you. The goal to increase the amount of gems you have is to clear natural obstacles and attain achievements.  You can spend the gems on builders’ huts.


Your strategy will determine your build and upgrade order. The majority of people alternate between sitting back and collecting and fighting other people. If you want to defend yourself, it’s important to upgrade your walls and town halls. You’ll also need to upgrade the cannons, archer tower, mortars, etc. Make sure your barracks are maintained, as you train your troops there.


You don’t want to be attacked, but with a 12-hour shield, you can protect yourself. Should 30 percent of the town be destroyed or there is extensive damage to the Town Hall, the shield comes in place. If 90 percent of the base has been demolished, you get an additional four hours with the shield.

If you begin attacking people while you have the shield, the protection is lost. Use the shield to rebuild your towers and army and better the economy.

Learn The Lay Of The Land

The primary mechanism of Clash of Clans combat is to have walls – many walls between your resources and the outside. You don’t want to have any breaches in your perimeter. Make sure that your structures are close together and that defensive structures will cover them.

Choose Your Targets

When you come across players you want to attack, there are few things to consider before you start the attack. First, look at their Town Hall level. If it’s less than yours, then you’re not going to get much from it. Second, check out their resources. You want to get as many resources as you can – break even when attacking.

What are you going for in the attack? If the goal is trophies to rank higher, you’ll want to invest in troops. Use your elixir reserves to refresh the troops. Do this, and you can defeat the target.

Set Up A Clan Play

After your Town Hall has been maxed out, you can replay the single layer levels and rebuild your castle. Or, you can set up a clan play, which allows you to socialize with others in the game and set up coordinated attacks.

Build Your Army Up

Use the time given to prepare yourself for war. Use the scout function to learn what the land is like and what your enemies are doing. Build up your army with the goal to defeat your enemy. If the enemy has low-level walls, you’ll want to attack on land. If their air defense is lacking, use balloons to do your attacking.

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