WhatsApp… no one really thinks of it as a dating app. However, it can be used for that, but you need to know what, how and when to use it properly. How can you use the WhatsApp app to get yourself a date?

Use A Current Good-Looking Picture For Your Profile

The photo you upload to your WhatsApp account will speak volumes to others. It lets them know who you are, so make sure you take a good looking profile picture. You want something that you really like and shows only you. According to online dating experts, people who don’t use pictures on their accounts are afraid to be who they truly are or are not ready to meet others.

Your picture is a person’s first impression of you, so make it something they’ll find interesting and can comment on.

Participate In A WhatsApp Dating Group or Two

There are many WhatsApp dating groups to join. In most cases, the group’s admin will need to add you to the group. This will be the easiest way to find a match, as you’ll be in contact with thousands of women and men all around the world looking for someone too. You also have the option of creating your own dating group and adding contacts in your phonebook to the group.

You Need To Stay Active On WhatsApp

If you’re going to use WhatsApp to find love, you need to keep active on it. Be sure your account as an eye-appealing name – nothing that screams you’re only after sex. Or, you can also just use your real name. If people text you, be nice. If someone doesn’t reply to your message, don’t start talking bad about them.

When you’re ready to ask someone out from your WhatsApp contact list, politely approach them. If they give you an excuse, just tell them you understand and maybe another time. You want to be a little aggressive but not overly so.

Review Your Account Settings

You WhatsApp accounts settings should be set to friendly mode. You want to be sure that strangers can read out to you via message, as these could be the best dates you have. No matter who texts you, you should always be polite. You never know, they could be the one.

If you’re uncomfortable by their texts or someone is harassing you, then block them.

Make sure to set it up so that your profile photo and the last seen status are seen by everybody. This will make it easier for you to get a date through the WhatsApp app.

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