Every week Rockstar has accustomed their players to see new updates go live in Grand Theft Auto V. The last week’s features haven’t been impressive, as they did not bring any major changes. Unfortunately, almost the same goes for this week too, except for the fact that we got a nice vehicle. There are also trials and stunt races worth finishing for more rewards and some great bonuses and offers await players in GTA Online.

The new vehicle is the Lampadati Viseris that you can find at the Legendary Motorsport. If you’re among the players that can access an Avenger or a Mobile Operations Center, you can also add some interesting upgrades to the Viseris. Not interesting enough? Then we have four words for you: front facing machine guns! Now we have definitely drew some attention.

Other Features and Rewards

Rockstar will let players in GTA Onlince to start this week with great rewards: double GTA$ and RP for the Lester Contact Missions, but it’s only for a short time, as the bonuses will end on January 15.

You will also be able to buy the following items for 25% less. Remember, the offer will also end on 15 January. Here are the items on sale: Nagasaki Ultralight, Aircraft Weapons, Spoilers, Headlights & Neons, Skirts, Turbos, Suspension, and Vehicle Armor.

If you participate to this week’s Premium Stunt Race which happens in Island Hopping and will be restricted to the Blazer Aqua, you will receive three times more RP than usual. Get one of the three top places and you will also get a fat payout in GTA$.

Wondering what is happening with the Time Trial? It’s going to be the Maze Bank Arena that will reward those who beat the time with both RP and GTA$.

Now, don’t just stand there! Go defeat those challenges and wins those rewards while you still can.

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