Since Call of Duty WWII is now live, but a lot of players around the world haven’t been satisfied by the game so far and left them with no other choice than write bad reviews. Part of their unsatisfied experience is the fact that they have experienced a lot of bugs, gamers saying that it feels ‘worse than Early Access’.

We have gathered 8 types of issues and their fixes for Call of Duty WWII on Windows PCs, so that you can finally enjoy the game bug-free.

  1. Sound Issues

There have been cases of sound being cut in and out. Let’s repair the sound so you can feel like you’re on the battlefield. You should first update your sound drivers and check sound settings compatibility to the game. Also, try these next options:

1.1. Reboot your PC

1.2. Go to ‘Playback Devices’ -> ‘Properties’ -> ‘Advanced Tab’ and disable ‘Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device’

1.3. Disable any other background apps that might interfere with the sound in your game.

1.4. Choose the playback device that you prefer by going to the taskbar and right-clicking the sound icon. Open ‘Playback devices’ – select the device you want to use as default and click on ‘Set As Default’.

1.5. Reset the in-game settings for sound.

1.6. Repair the game using Steam.

If these fixes didn’t change the sound, then let’s hope we’re going to see sound fixes in the next patch for Call of Duty WWII.

  1. Download Problems

There are users who encountered this issue, and some have even had to wait for hours to finish downloading the game on their PCs. Try to use an Ethernet Connection and close all apps that use bandwidth.

  1. The Screen is Flashing Green

This issue has been reported by users and can be fixed by changing the refresh rate to a different level and then changing it back to maximum. But you will have to do that every time you start the game.

  1. Unable to Join Servers

The loading screen is stuck, sending you back to the desktop, then there might be several problems. You might not be able to join matches on servers because the servers are having issues. Or it might be a problem with Internet Security – you must whitelist the game. You can also try disabling the antivirus while you play, paying attention not to run other online processes.

  1. Bonus Code Activation Not Available

This issue is only temporary, as it isn’t yet available to players.

  1. Game Crashing

There are some users that have been experiencing game crashes, although it is a rare issue. Your Windows 10 should be up to date, as well as your drivers. Better use a full system scan for updates to be sure. While doing that, disable all background apps so that the scan could do its job faster.

  1. The Black Screen of Death

After the introduction in the game, some players faced a black screen in the single-player mode. Try to restart your PC and run the game again. If you still experience this issue, then it has to do with Window 10 (check ‘Windows 10 Black Screen With Cursor’ error), or it can be an issue that happens on laptops (check ‘Black screen laptop issues on the Creators Update’ error).

  1. The Game Doesn’t Start

If you can’t launch Call of Duty: WWII and you see a green screen that goes blue, you know what we’re talking about. There haven’t been any fixes except for some tips that could solve the issue, but it doesn’t work for all. You can try to start the game from the executable file:

8.1. Go to Steam and select the game -> ‘Properties’ -> ‘Local Files’ -> ‘Browse local files’.

8.2. Find ‘s2_sp64_ship.exe’ or ‘s2_mp64_ship.exe’ and ‘Run as Administrator’.

Also updating graphics card drivers should solve the problem.

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