Eight people died and over 60 were injured in an attack with a car bomb at the police station in the southeastern Turkish town of Cizre, reported news agency Reuters, citing sources from the local hospital.

The news channel NTV showed footage of smoke plumes rising from the struck building. The police station is located about 50 meters from the management of the Rapid Reaction Force of the police in Cizre, specifies the Turkish newspaper “Milliyet”.

According to the Anadolu Agency blast was caused by a car bomb, detonated around 6:40 this morning (local time).

Serious damage was caused to the building of the management of Rapid Reaction Force. The police have initiated an operation to capture the perpetrators.

Cizre is located in the Şırnak province, which borders with Syria and Iraq and its population is predominantly Kurdish. From a year almost every day there are heavy clashes between rebels from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Turkish army. According to local media behind the deadly attack stand members of PKK.


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