A strong explosion rocked Kabul at 1:30 local time, according to the website of TV TOLO News. Initial data were for a blast of a truck with explosives directed against hotel “Northgate”, а guarded housing complex for foreign military and civilian organizations, on the street “Jalalabad”.

A source told the media that four attackers leading combat in the area.

The explosion occurred moments after a power failure in Kabul. Dozens of sirens, loudly from foreign embassies were triggered and the people in town are awakened.

Later, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack with the truck bomb against the complex for military  and logistical services, reported Reuters. A representative of the security forces confirmed that four gunmen fought near the hotel “Northgate”.

In a statement, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, which they say has caused dozens of casualties and added that their fighters have infiltrated the complex.

The attack in Kabul ended on Monday after all three attackers were killed, about seven hours after the start of the attack, the police said, reported AFP.

“The operation is over now. One policeman lost his life and three others were wounded but none of the hotel staff or guests were hurt,” said the police chief in Kabul, Abdul Rahman Rahimi.


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