Troops of the Nigerian army have arrested 21 Boko Haram terrorist collaborators in Borno state.

21 Boko Haram terrorist collaborators , in the guise as cattle rustlers who sabotaged Nigeria by funding the activities of the Boko Haram terrorists in causing mayhem in the country, have been arrested by Nigerian troops earlier today. According to Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, Director of Public Army Relations, the arrest was part of an ongoing operation:

“As part of measures to stem the tide of livestock rustling which serves as another means of funding Boko Haram terrorists activities, Operation LAFIYA DOLE, in conjunction with other security agencies has taken measures to stop the criminality. These measures have led to the arrest of some persons involved in aiding and abetting this heinous crime in the Theatre of Operation. So far, 21 suspected persons have been arrested. Preliminary investigation and profiling of the suspects has commenced.”

Further in the statement Col. Usman also added that:

“Such actions by these unpatriotic elements are likely to jeopardize our collective efforts of clearing the remnants of Boko Haram terrorists in our country. Although investigations are ongoing, it is important to state that this is a warning to all those collaborators that aid and abet terrorism in the north east generally and Borno State in particular, to desist forthwith. The Nigerian Army and indeed Operation LAFIYA DOLE would not tolerate such acts of sabotage from anybody.”

Meanwhile, the general public was encouraged to report any known or suspected illegal activity with regards to Operation LAFIYA DOLE to the Security Agencies of Nigeria.

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