Iraqi armed forces took over on Thursday, August 25, Qayyarah – a strategic city, which paved the way for the start of a campaign for the conquering of the controlled by Islamic State city of Mosul, reported DPA, citing a military source.

The takeover of Qayyarah, located 60 kilometers south of Mosul, is a new defeat for the militant group.

It is possible the city to be used as a springboard for the campaign for Mosul, which is in the hands of the jihadists from mid-2014.

The commander of the anti-terrorism agency Abdul Ghani al-Asadi said that the anti-terrorism forces and the local police managed to untie completely Qayyarah from Islamic State, killing about 250 militants, including leaders of various nationalities.

“Qayyarah tribes also played a major role in liberating the town through cooperating with security forces and offering them intelligence about Daesh,” added Asadi.

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