Syrian troops backed by the Turkish army with combat aircraft, armored vehicles, and special forces entered the center of the controlled until recently by the Islamic State Syrian border town Jarabulus.

This happened yesterday, 17 hours after the start of the artillery and air strikes. A little later Turkish military announced that the city is under the control of Syrian rebels from the Free Syrian Army. Killed was one of them and the Turkish army has not given any victims and injured.

Operation “Shield of the Euphrates” is the first Turkish intervention in Syria in synchronization with the US-led coalition. According to a source of Reuters, hostilities in the area will continue until they are interrupted all lines for supply of the Islamists with weapons and people.

Thus Ankara prevented the progression to Jarabulus and capture of the city by Kurdish forces of People’s Protection Units (YPG) of Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD)., considered a Syrian wing of the terrorist group Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

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