The release of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition has caused confusion among users of Minecraft Pocket Edition. They are actually asking if there is a difference between the newly-released Minecraft for Windows and one for mobile known as Minecraft Pocket Edition APK.

Minecraft PE VS Minecraft on PC

There is more than one reason to enjoy the Pocket Edition as well as the PC version of Minecraft because they equally provide a way to enjoy the game in different levels of experience.

Basically, Minecraft: PE and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition both provide more vibrant and smoother graphics compared to the PC edition of the game. Therefore, you may be able to conclude that the Pocket Edition is not necessarily a cheap version of the original.

Pros of Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK

The Pocket Edition is now available for Android, Amazon Fire tablets, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. Since it is identical to the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft, you can both play it on any computer or tablet running Windows 10.

Nevertheless, there is a difference when you play the original Java edition or referred to as the PC version.

  • Gives quick access to Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK from the palm of your hand when traveling, riding a bus, or sitting at the comfort of your home.
  • It has strong parental controls and provides invite-only multiplayer option that makes the mobile version more child-friendly.

Cons of Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK

There are number of ways that the Pocket Edition is different from the original version.

  • It is not possible to integrate third-party mods or connect to third-party servers when you are using the Pocket Edition.
  • When new features of Minecraft are released, the Pocket Edition is the last version to be updated.
  • Users are not able to interact with players using the Java edition of Minecraft.

The said limitations might bother most players, but this can also be deal breakers if you are going to play with friends.

System requirements to run a Minecraft server

You can now run a Minecraft server on your mobile device. In fact, you can use an unrooted Android device to host a Minecraft server.

So, if you have an old smartphone that is just lying around, you can put it to good use. This can be used as a server so that you can join from your computer without any issues.

Basically, you need a phone or tablet with a RAM of at least 4GB. You may use a 1GB Android device, but more RAM can prevent possible crashes.

Moreover, you need a powerful processor because Minecraft need to perform some computations. All these are the basic requirements for you to build a Minecraft server in no time.

Download Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK

You can download Minecraft: PE from the Google Play Store. Simply run it on an Android mobile smartphone or tablet, running at least Android 4.2 with RAM of at least 1GB.

Any other specs lower than this can affect the gaming experience of Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK on your mobile device.

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