Brought to you by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto IV was widely anticipated before its release. Now, countless of GTA fans definitely didn’t miss to experience this widely successful video game.

As its eleventh version in the long-running gaming series, GTA 4 sets its stage and allows its players to roam freely, thanks to the game’s open world design. In the fictional Liberty City, players follow a war veteran named Niko Bellic.

The worldwide favorite action-adventure game, Grand Theft Auto, has transcended into more than just a car-stealing, police-managing, and gangster-defying digital and 3D world since its release. This time, the latest Grand Theft Auto enterprise backs up an improved gaming experience for players all over the world.

GTA 4 Full Version Download for March 2018: Rumors and Speculations

After a number of updates and expansions since the latest GTA enterprise was released, this renowned action-adventure video game has leaped to new bounds just to make the game even more enjoyable for players.

To date, this critically acclaimed video game is available on these existing platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation. That means, the GTA 4 Full Version Download for March 2018 remains to be available only for the current and existing platforms mentioned.

Various rumors have flown across the board discussing the possibility of a mobile version of the game, especially for Android devices. However, there is no current and reliable news that confirms or denies the recent speculations.

Forums or discussions over the web have been debating as to whether or not it’s reasonable to release a mobile version of the game. Current versions that are available as of writing are just up until Grand Theft Auto III. Despite the lack of the current GTA version on mobile, fans remain hopeful that one day it’s available for all mobile users, too.

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