Lots of Minecraft: Pocket Edition fans are looking forward to the latest version to come to their favorite mobile app this year. In fact, they are gearing up for some major update to come in April 2018.

But, first it would be amazing not to spoil the surprise by enjoying some bit and pieces of update that has been added to the chunk of goodies. Basically, the most recent update to the Minecraft: Pocket Edition is, which is still in the Better Together update.

Nevertheless, only a few details have been added after the 1.2.13 version. If you are fond of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, you should know every detail that would be added to your favorite app. Well, since then, only minor updates were noticed by fans lately. Here are the major changes that you would want to know before updating your own version of the game.

  • PvP Friendly Fire has now made to be toggled from the World Options.
  • If you are going to use a controller, you will be able to enjoy the adjusted vertical look acceleration.
  • From the Settings, you can observe some menu screen transitions.
  • The new version has also been added with search functionality to its Marketplace so that it will be easier to find specific content.
  • It is also possible to have infinite types of blocks which have been termed as palleted chunks. In other words, it may less likely crash due to the shortage of memory.

On top of it all, a number of bug fixes were also given attention to the Minecraft: Pocket Edition. A number of these bugs include:

  • Crash when converting worlds from the Xbox One edition.
  • Crash that happened due to rendering issues on the Android devices.
  • Crash that happened during the firing of projectiles.

Next time, if you are going to play Minecraft: Pocket Edition, you need to have it updated to the latest version to avoid bugs and certain issues that would hamper your time to enjoy the game.

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