was at E3 2018 when Bethesda’s Todd Howard sent Elder Scrolls fans into frenzy
when he announced that the studio is working on the series’ latest installment
called Elder Scrolls 6.

excitement even ramped up as the studio released a teaser of what fans knew
would be the game’s newest offering. But all that anticipation would eventually
be put to waste because since that event, Bethesda has never talked about Elder
Scrolls 6 again.

company was also firm in saying that they won’t release any statement regarding
the game until they are ready to do so.

the rumor mills continue to say that Bethesda could be secretly working on the
game, especially since work on Starfield is about to wrap up. So we did the
research ourselves and this is what we discovered:

  • The Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t
    coming out any time soon.

    The bad news is, fans might have to wait until 2021 for the latest installment
    to be released. The good news is, there’s something that fans could eventually
    look forward to in a year or two. (

biggest hint that Bethesda has given would be Todd Howard’s statement that Elder
Scrolls 6 will come after Starfield, which is expected to be released in 2020.
If that’s the case, it could be a few years before the studio will release
Elder Scrolls 6.

  • Bethesda is hiring new
    people for a project.

    According to one Reddit user, there is a job listing for gameplay programmers
    in Bethesda Game Studios. In the job description, the company said that it’s
    looking for “talented programmers to join our team that is pushing the bleeding-edge
    of RPG development for the PC and consoles.”

there were no specifics on the project, the job hiring looks like it’s for a
new project in its early stages rather than an existing project like Starfield.

  • There was no sign of Elder
    Scrolls 6 at E3 2019.

    With its huge success in 2018, it’s quite surprising for fans to not see any
    traces of Elder Scrolls 6 at E3 2019. In fact, when asked about the game during
    a PAX East Panel for the 25th anniversary of Elder Scrolls, Howard
    said that it’s “going to be a long time!

not something we’re going to be talking about, either of those games, at E3
this year, and so patience please.

now, we only know one thing: that Elder Scrolls 6 will eventually come out in
the near future.

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