Over time, Minecraft has taken over the popularity contest with Roblox. You might wonder why, but the users themselves have finally voiced out their comments. Here are top 10 reasons why Minecraft is better than Roblox.

1. Minecraft Cares About Players

According to the users themselves, Roblox only cares about the money, while Minecraft cares about the players.

2. Offers Free Chat

There has been a long-standing issue about the censorship of Roblox of some words in chat. But basically, users are not in favor of so stringent censorship making it a dumb app to consider most of the words to have mature content.

3. Opens A New World For Creativity

Of course, Minecraft enables you to build whatever you want using the blocks provided in the game. On the other hand, you need Roblox Studios that can either be fun or boring as what users continuously comment about.

4. Better Servers

It is said that the servers in Minecraft offers much better experience than Roblox. For one, its servers run better and much more polished. At the same time, it offers more free experience.

5. Easy Controls

It was stated in the comments that Roblox does not favor left-handed people because it uses the keys WASD, unlike Minecraft, which is changeable. Likewise, in every server, the controls are all the same for Minecraft, while Roblox has different controls to memorize.

6. Better Updates

Minecraft has better updates compared to Roblox. For one, updates on Roblox are terrible, unlike Minecraft providing better features on every update. This makes a lot of people more interested in Minecraft than any other game.

7. Available In Different Languages

Roblox is only available in the English language unlike Minecraft because it has been made available for all users of different languages around the world.

8. More Effort For The Game

There is surely more effort being put by Minecraft developers into the game. For one, users can just press buttons in order to make an update. Compared to Roblox, Minecraft has a lot of options when you want to do something even if there are just blocks.

9. Children Feel Safer

Since Minecraft does not have online daters, it feels safe for children. Moreover, there are many Internet trolls on Roblox as users would call it but not on Minecraft.

10. Famous YouTubers Play Minecraft

There are far less subscribers on YouTube that play Roblox unlike Minecraft having a lot. At the same time, Roblox crashes more on the iPad Air than Minecraft. Perhaps this is why more YouTubers prefer to play Minecraft than Roblox.

  1. This article is trash. LMAO! These kids getting mad about ROBLOX getting more players. Roblox offers much more and not in pixels.

  2. this is totally fake also i know this person and shes a total noob at roblox she hates it so NOOB XD also she dosnt even play so shes just hates it from ads so shes a huge noob

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