Google Earth Pro opens the world to you as you can virtually travel wherever you want right from your PC. According to Google, the program’s new version, Google Earth Pro 7.3.2 has network security updates and comes with many improvements.

Plunge into the oceans or climb up on the Everest, visit your favorite areas of the planet, observe the beauties of each country, visit Mars or the Moon, or do whatever you want because Google Earth Pro permits it.

Among the common Google Earth features there are satellite view, maps, 3D building, Street View, and specific information on the places you virtually visit.

Changes in the Google Earth Pro 7.3.2 version include:

  • 64-bit support for Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Support for SSL authentication
  • Better stability in DirectX mode
  • High-resolution printing support for Linux
  • Performance improvements
  • CSV import tools
  • Measurement tools
  • GPS mode
  • Better compatibility with displays with high-refresh-rates

Even more, Google Earth Pro 7.3.2 comes with advanced business tools and features that include:

  • Movie-maker to export videos in 1080p resolutions
  • Printing in high resolutions
  • Spreadsheets and ESRI GIS files import
  • Advanced measurement tools

Google Earth Pro 7.3.2 is available for download for FREE on the official site.

Google Earth Pro has become the only available version for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, as Google merged the regular Google Earth with the more-improved Pro version.

A regular version Of Google Earth runs on Android and iOS and on the web-based version of the software. However, these versions have lesser features and tools in comparison with the desktop version, Google Earth Pro.

By now, the Google Earth Pro 7.3.2 version looks to be the best one as Google added 64-bit support and improved performance of the program. Even more, Google made some fixes and repaired some bugs increasing Google Earth Pro’s stability and added or updated advanced instruments.

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