The news that WhatsApp developers may soon offer WhatsApp Web users the ability to make free calls and text is big. In the latest WhatsApp update, it was noted that Apple iPad users would have a Web Client App they could use.

This would mean the potential for the Web client to offer a voice calling option on the iPad.

WhatsApp also released its newest version for the WhatsApp Web app – 0.2.8299; an upgrade from its 0.2.8000. According to the news about the update, it’s fixed several bugs, and a new login page was added.

There have been several references to the possibility of video calls coming to the Web version, but no real confirmation as of yet. When an update with that option still remains to be seen. Therefore, there are no guarantees for either the Apple iPad or WhatsApp Web apps.

What is known is the company is currently working on the feature, which means beta testers may get to use it before long.

The way WhatsApp is currently set up, users can send and receive text messages – an added benefit to its other feature that can be used via any device. For people who want the latest WhatsApp version, you need to do the following steps:

  • Using your computer, go to This may be easy to remember, but bookmark it if you need to.
  • On the webpage, you’ll see a large QR code. Scan the code with your phone’s camera.
  • Let the smartphone sync up to the WhatsApp Web app. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone and hit the menu button – lower right-hand side for the iPhone and upper-right side for the Android.

Once the phone scans the code, the app will sync to the computer.

Special Note – The WhatsApp Web uses a temporary login system, meaning you’ll need to repeatedly scan the QR code. Therefore, you may want to download the WhatsApp desktop app for your computer. This is especially helpful if you’re using your own computer and not a public one.

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