Have you ever used an iTunes Gift Card? Well, there is nothing to worry about how to use it if you received one for Christmas, birthday, or just about any occasion. In fact, here is a guide on how you will be able to use it, specifically for online purchases.

iTunes Gift Cards can be used on your purchases from the App Store or iTunes. Here you will be able to purchase apps or in-app contents. Likewise, it can be used to purchase music, software, and other related downloadable products. The iTunes Gift Cards can be used just like cash and the good thing is that there is no expiry date for Apple Store gift cards.

However, according to a report from an Apple representative, iTunes Gift Cards are only recommended for the purchase of services and goods on the App Store and iTunes Store not for other online shops like Amazon. So if there are any requests for the payment of such products or services using iTunes Gift Cards out of the App Store and iTunes system, then it should be fraudulent in nature.

A lot of people have already fallen victim to a certain scam involving iTunes Gift Cards when making purchases from Amazon. Victims are allegedly convinced to purchase iTunes Gift Cards, either from a store or online, and they are requested to email the secret code in which the value will be drained or traded accordingly.

Moreover, it has been stated that once you put money in the card and share the secret code with somebody, then the money should be gone for good. iTunes Gift Cards are not just the mode of payment that scammers are using nowadays. They have also included Amazon Gift Cards, Paypal, reloadable cards, and the like. So users are advised repeatedly not to fall into this trap.

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