Hardcore gaming fans hate to end their game for a lot of reasons. If they had a choice, a lot of them would rather keep on playing. But for gamers who love using their PlayStation, it’s a little hard to bring your console everywhere you go. That is why a lot of developers build reliable video game console emulators for gaming fans to bring their game to their mobile devices.

Among the great mobile emulators for PlayStation, one particular emulator stands out: ePSXe. It’s one of the well-known PlayStation emulators that’s available for PC and mobile formats. If you’ve been thinking of downloading ePSXe APK full version online, here’s what you need to know.

About ePSXe

By definition, ePSXe is simply short for “enhanced PSX emulator”. It’s a fully capable Play Station video game console emulator. It is created to cater x86-based PC hardware running on Microsoft Windows or Linux.

Mobile users can also enjoy the app’s features. However, it’s only available for Android. Also, ePSXe is a closed source emulator but exempts application programming interface, or API, for all its plug-ins.

The application was developed for half a year. And when they officially released it in October of 2000, ePSXe soared higher than other existing emulators as it was compatible with more devices and performs better than its competition during the time.

Like many other emulators, the apps rely on plug-ins to emulate sound (SPU), graphics (GPU), as well as CD-ROM drive functions in order for the games to run smoothly. It also comes with a patching feature that allows users to use patches especially to fix bugs. However, it is known that not all bugs can be fixed with patches.

In order for Android users to be able to use the emulator on their devices, it has to meet the following criteria for it to run smoothly:

  1. It runs with an ARM or x86 (Intel Atom) processor
  2. Its operating system is at least Android 2.3.3 to the latest.

On Emulators

If you have been gaming for a while now, you’d probably know well enough about the existence of emulators. It conveniently allows you to play your favorite console games in different formats. However, is it really worth it to download one for yourself? Let’s weigh in the pros and cons.


  1. You can easily save your game at any given moment and continue where you left off on both PC and Android formats.
  2. You can also choose to play offline. Although some games couldn’t be made available offline.


  1. Graphic design may differ on your choice of format.
  2. You may be able to experience bugs during gameplay
  3. You may need to have a higher processor for the emulator to run as flawlessly as possible.

Before you Download…

So if you’re thinking about downloading ePSXe APK full version online, you need to consider what you’re signing up for. Sure, emulators lets you enjoy other avenues for your favorite video game console. However, there are still both good and not so good factors that help you decide if you should go for it.

Perhaps, it all matters on you in the end. Whether you’re going to use an emulator, like the ePSXe, or not, what’s really important is you determine the risks and advantages you’re going to take when you do. Until then, happy gaming!

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