One of the driest subjects you may have to deal with is phone insurance. It would be like a school subject again that you did not want to attend before. Most, if not all consumers, would simply like to purchase new phone then use it straightaway instead of having to deal with phone insurance.

The subject that whether getting phone insurance is an investment or not is still a very debatable issue that needs to be discussed on a personal level. It also depends on the person’s actual situation.

To better determine if you need to purchase phone insurance along with your phone, then you need to look at two of the leading phone insurance providers in the current market.

AT & T starts at $6.99

The company’s mobile insurance will only charge $6.99 per month to its customers and already provides loss incidents including accidental damage, theft, and post-warranty breakdown. You will be eligible for two claims per month per 12-month enrollment. They have 3 deductible tier options. Tier 1 is for low-end devices which are at $50 deductible, while Tier 3 is for all high-end smartphones.

They have the option that lets you include a carrying case, a standard wired headset, or a car lighter adapter charger if you specify any of the items when you file the insurance claim. You will have exactly 10 days to return your damage device from the day the prepaid shipping label has been received.

Verizon Total Mobile Protection

Verizon’s phone insurance package comes at $10 per month. This entails a maximum of two claims per 12-month period priced at 1500 dollars per instance. Verizon offers a low deductible rate at 99 dollars and this is already for relatively high-end Android phones. Apple products and tablets have higher rates that may come at the 149, 169, and 199 dollar range. The Verizon Total Mobile Protection plan will include the usual protection services that include protection from damage, loss, and device malfunction.

TEC, WWP, and Extended Warranty Plan

If you want, there are still cheaper alternatives that Verizon offers. There is the Simple Extended Warranty plan, which as you might have guessed from the name extends the warranty of your phone for malfunction and defect service that is available during the first year since you bought it. You will only be charged for $3 dollars a month for this plan.

The second inexpensive option is their $5 per month Wireless Phone Protection plan, which is basically includes insurance protection for theft, loss, and damage for your phone, however after your phones Post-warranty defects plan expires, you are on your own if your screen suddenly goes black or blank.

The third cheap alternative if you want to use Verizon is their Total Equipment Coverage plan wherein for $8 a month you will basically get the Total Mobile Protection plan except that you won’t have the lost phone or tech coach support line feature.

If you want to take advantage of the 3 ‘cheaper’ Verizon plans, you will need to do this over the counter from the store where you bought your phone.

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