Deciding which free calling app you need to use can sometimes be confusing with the bunch of promising apps out there. If you own a mobile device with Internet connectivity, then you no longer need a cellular network to make calls. In fact, it could help you save money if you use some calling apps offered for free. Here is a list of compatible free calling apps for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and Mac devices.

WhatsApp Messenger

One of the most famous calling apps that are free is the WhatsApp Messenger. Its popularity came after it has introduced the calling feature for Android and iOS devices. In comparison to other messaging clients for video and voice calls, WhatsApp has an enormous user base.


Viber is also among the most recognized voice call apps next to WhatsApp. Similarly, Viber also has a huge user base, with compatible to other platforms such as iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows. Moreover, might as well use it for sending text messages or make a group chat with some 200 people. However, the app claims that your text messages, images, voice calls, videos, and group chats are secured as they are all encrypted.


As far as free video calling applications are concerned, Skype is able to make free voice calls to anybody on Skype. You can also add around 25 people to a current voice call you are making. It also provides cross-platform compatibility for the most famous operating systems out there. It can also be used on the Xbox One.

In addition, you can add up to 5 contacts when sending text messages or make a group video call. Moreover, it is also possible to delete sent messages that you accidentally made but wouldn’t want your contact to view it.

Facebook Messenger

Connecting closely to your friends on Facebook is also much easier these days because of Facebook Messenger. It is one of the most liked free calling applications for both iOS and Android devices. Aside from allowing you to make free voice calls, it also enables you to make video calls. Sometimes, the voice quality of Facebook Messenger has proven to be better compared to WhatsApp’s. You just need to have the person whom you are going to call as your friend on Facebook before you can initiate the call.


Among the free calling apps you can install on your mobile device is the Line Messenger. It can also perform cross-platform connectivity, with the exception of Linux for now. At the same time, Line can make voice and video calls for free, as well as group calls. Aside from that, you can have a ton of full-featured social networking service where you are able to make comments or post on your timeline.

There are a lot of free calling apps you can download from the Internet, such as Google Hangouts, KakaoTalk, Maaii. But, it seems that the most notable free calling apps you can use for your desktop are Skype and Viber. All the other apps are well-suited for smartphones.

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