This is what’s trending on Twitter now, a call to save Dead Space 4 after Electronic Arts (EA) remained silent on the release date of the much-awaited sequel to Dead Space 3.

They have been silent since May when the first #SaveDeadSpace4 appeared in FANDOM Wiki. There might not be any hope for the release date on Xbox One or PS4.

Beginnings of Dead Space

Dead Space is a horror series that took inspiration from Resident Evil, except that everything happens in space. The combination of endless nothing but enemies lurking around makes it a terrifying platform.

From the words of Glen Schofield, the franchise creator, “the most terrifying game we could acquire.”

The speculations that Dead Space 4 is dead started when EA shuttered Visceral back in October 2017. Visceral Games was the group behind the still-unnamed game of Star Wars and the studio best known for creating the Dead Space Series.

When EA shut down the studio, the unnamed Star Wars game is the only one that was mentioned that will be revamped and moved to a different studio. This left many fans asking, but what about Dead Space?

EA remind silent on the subject of Dead Space entirely. So it’s neither canceled no currently in development. And if ever a new game is headed gamers’ way, it will not come from Visceral Games.

Ian Milham, former Dead Space Art Director commented on a Reddit thread that the intellectual property for Dead Space cost EA quite a bit. The developer has poured money into the franchise which makes licensing the IP expensive and probably close to impossible.

Many think that if there will be Dead Space 4, it would likely come from within EA itself and will be handled by a by an already existing development team. This left gamers concerned that the new team could mean a new approach and new ideas that could ruin the experience entirely.

New ideas worked out in games rarely turns out good. This is why most gamers are wary of new ideas.

Death of Visceral Games could mean the death of Dead Space 4

When a new team takes the helm, a game like Dead Space could be ruined entirety because it heavily relies on its nuanced story and amazing atmosphere. In the hands of an untested team, Dead Space 4 will take on a new direction that will ruin the experience.

One thing is sure, fans definitely want the franchise but it’s neither canceled nor imminent.

And if there really is no Dead Space 4 any other release will do. As what one Twitter user, @_jimriggs, said:

#savedeadspace4 if no Dead Space 4 then at least remastered version of 1 & 2, please!

Join the campaign for #SaveDeadSpace4

If you’re one of the many fans who has been waiting for the next installment of Dead Space, join the campaign to get #SaveDeadSpace4 trending. Save Dead Space 4 or, at least, let EA know you want the game bad.

Even if they release it on a later date, knowing a new franchise is in development is better than complete radio silence.

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