New Vegas coming into Fallout 4 seems pretty far away, given the fact that this whole process is still being worked on, but we’ve seen the expansions made by fans and they’re amazing, all of this with the help of the Fallout 4 Creation Engine, which makes everything easy to work with. Our hopes are high already.

Mod is creating an update which brings weather, and with this great feature comes proof: pictures of the dynamic of the weather! You know – rain and snow and storms. (

The modder Metamoth stated that they have emphasized and focused on the surroundings of the Goodsprings and on the worldspace asset from the game, the key standards and styles still being in process, and that the weather idea is one so great they had to use it at its fullest. And they did, they introduced lightning with the help of the project lead LD called spacetimebender that also helped with the variation of location in Fallout 4 New Vegas. This is scary enough to put the player under pressure and helps the game look more real, by making it more challenging. They’re still working on the detailes of the world, and some initial job done in order to get the worldspace running has started to show a bit of success, but progress is expected to be shown soon.

They also took care of the small objects that will soon be introduced to the game with the respect of the planning for the future. In other words, they’re not prioritizing, but it’s still on the list. They’re focusing more on things that can help you in the future, making this their first “worry” for you – they believe that some features that didn’t make into Fallout 3 can maybe be part of Fallout 4.

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