You might have been wondering how to make and receive calls via WhatsApp Web. Not only would it be convenient to use, it would also set you free from getting stuck on your phone.

You simply have to go to from the browser that you often use on your computer. This enables you to have access to your account on WhatsApp and begin chatting with friends in group chats or individually. Just scan the QR code that you see on the WhatsApp Web screen using your smartphone.

The great thing about WhatsApp Web is that it mirrors WhatsApp mobile. This means that each message you have on your mobile device can be read on the desktop. At the same time, each message sent on the desktop would be reflected on the smartphone.

The only problem is that WhatsApp Web wouldn’t allow you to make and receive calls for now. So this would prompt you to take out your mobile device and call the person or group you need to talk to. Likewise, you need to make sure that your phone is nearby if you are expecting a call from somebody via WhatsApp.

If you really want to use WhatsApp Web to make and receive calls, there might be a solution for that. This can be easily resolved by using an Android emulator on the desktop computer. You may be familiar with the famous Android emulators out there that you can use to enjoy the best possible service. However, you need to make sure that you install an emulator from a trusted source.

WhatsApp Web has been expected to release a version to support calls this year. This will finally allow users to make or receive voice calls directly from the Web client itself instead of doing it via their smartphones.

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