For a messaging app that not only lets you send messages but also share videos, voice chats, pictures, and even documents to your friends and loved ones, WhatsApp seems to have it all. However, it doesn’t just stop there. This well-loved application also lets you have video or voice calls.

Through the years, WhatsApp has proved how reliable and effective they are in giving quality messaging experience for its users. Which is why millions of mobile users all over the world continue to use and enjoy their services. It’s perfect for connecting people with all their friends and family no matter where they are.

Introducing WhatsApp Beta

Recently, WhatsApp has been allowing testers to experience their beta versions. Through this, users will be able to try out versions or updates that are not released yet by WhatsApp Inc. Their latest beta update for March 2018 introduces new features for testing such as housing an adaptive launcher icon and welcoming new sticker packs for beta users to enjoy.

Keep in mind that since it’s a testing application, the beta version does not promise a stable and seamless user experience. However, it lets you experience new features before it gets rolled out to regular WhatsApp users. Besides that, beta users may also have a hand in improving the overall user experience for all WhatsApp users.

Getting WhatsApp Beta

Users who are interested to experience WhatsApp’s latest beta update for March 2018 can do it in two easy ways:

First, users can sign up and download the latest beta version through Google Play. Second, you can access and download WhatsApp’s latest APK beta update through your favorite online APK resource and then manually install the application on your phone.

Finally, Android users who wish to send out their feedback about the latest beta update to the WhatsApp support team may shoot an email to [email protected]

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