The internet has come a long way from just being a group of interconnected computers. The cables have been replaced by radio waves to provide network connectivity on a much broader scale. These days, public areas in many first-class cities are more likely to have WiFI hotspots, making it easy for residents and visitors to stay connected even when they’re on the move.

Public WiFI may be convenient but it comes with a multitude of risks. Connecting to an unsecured WiFi hotspot makes you susceptible to different kinds of security threats including malware, online eavesdropping, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Fortunately, there are applications that allow you to spot these security threats. In this blog post we’ll talk about one in particular, the WPS WPA Tester. (

To better understand what this app does, let’s first have a refresher on how WiFi works.

So what exactly is WiFI?

The acronym itself stands for Wireless Fidelity and is used to identify the wireless technology that people use to connect to the internet.

As mentioned earlier, wireless technology is powered by a series of radio waves. These radio waves transmit information across networks. A hotspot is a designated area in the vicinity of a wireless router that’s connected to a network via an access point (AP)

The WPS WPA Tester

Manufacturers that make wireless AP systems like Cisco usually have default configuration settings on their products. That means that the username and password is the same across devices. Making sure that the login credentials on your Linksys or Aironet is crucial.

An application like the WPS WPA Tester also adds another layer of security. Developed specifically for Android, it allows you to check if your wireless AP system is vulnerable at the WPS protocol.

You can see whether:

  • The WiFi connection you’re using is secure
  • Someone is monitoring your access point or not

Download the WPS WPA Tester on the Google Play Store.

Check out these resources for further reading on wireless technology.

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