If building things is one of your interests, then you must love Minecraft Pocket Edition or what is known today as simply Minecraft. It is a world where you can turn your building dreams into reality. It can get your creative juices flowing and improve your spatial intelligence. It is a game that helps develop your higher-order thinking skills even though it is simple and enjoyable. You can play it in different gaming consoles and devices including Xperia PLAY, iOS, Windows Phone, Apple TV, and Android. Many people love this app and remains on top paid apps both in Google Play and in the App Store.

There are different websites that offer free Minecraft Pocket Edition APK download for free. Some of those websites are Aptoide, MoboMarket, APK Award, APKsHub, and Angamer. You can also find instructions and walkthroughs on how to download and install the APK for free in some YouTube videos.

Why should you download Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK?

Downloading the APK will help you enjoy Minecraft and it will make you understand the reasons why it is the most popular paid app. Here are some of those reasons:

  • Creativity is king. Minecraft is the great equalizer between adults and children as creativity knows no age. As long as you can dream something, then you can totally build it in Minecraft. Most people would compare the app with Lego and it’s not hard to see why. With both Minecraft and Lego, you build things while you develop your creativity. Some Minecraft players have built crazy things with their mad building skills such as gigantic vehicles, analog computers that actually work, highly-detailed structures, and even whole countries.
  • Online Socialization. New players wonder what they are supposed to do in the game. This is likely the reaction of newbies as gamers are used to quests, missions, and storylines. The total freedom with the presentation of practically a blank slate might be confusing at first. However, watching YouTube videos of this game will show you how fun it is especially when you play it with your friends.
  • You can make choices with Minecraft. Right at the beginning, you will be asked for your choice of game mode – creative or survival. In creative mode, you can do anything that you want to do without any threats. This is perfect if you love surprises as you will start with nothing but your fists and this improves depending upon the tools that you will find as you play. On the other hand, survival mode poses more challenges. You are given ten minutes to find everything that you can and build a shelter with those things before zombies start to attack you. Of course, you will also need weapons so you can fight for your life.

After downloading the APK, you will surely find yourself engrossed in this game. You will definitely enjoy the freedom, the friendship that you form with other players, and the bragging rights as rewards for your in-game accomplishments.

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