WhatsApp is a highly recognized alternative to text messaging and SMS. However, it can also be used for audio and video files, voice messages and images. The app covers an array of devices and operating systems for the following devices:

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iOS
  • Nokia
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone

Can you send SMS messages to other users via WhatsApp? Simply put… no, you can’t.

Many users of the app have made the suggestion that developers integrate the SMS features, but WhatsApp was developed to compete against SMS. Thus, integrating it would mean contradicting it as being the alternative.

The cost of SMS is extremely high, especially in countries where the user base has grown over a billion. Many new users have downloaded the app, allowing them to benefit from the alternative it has to offer from messaging features.

WhatsApp offers a plethora of value to its users, giving them the same, if not better than, quality of service that conventional text messaging offers. Why is that? It’s because the app only needs a Wi-Fi connection to handle the communications between devices.

SMS is available only through a mobile service’s data plan. The WhatsApp messaging service instead uses an Internet connection that allows two people to talk, send media files and text one another.

With countries where the cost to send text costs a lot, the WhatsApp is free for them to use. While some people in the world still pay a lot of their Internet connection, there are more savings to be had using the app. This is especially true if anyone has family members living in another country.

WhatsApp’s value should not be underestimated. Users need to focus on the best features the app has to offer to get the most savings from it.

WhatsApp Releases New Update For Businesses

Web application WhatsApp gives people the ability to send and receive messages through their Internet-connected smartphone.

For this reason, the program will update itself automatically, which it recently did with its 0.2.7304 version. This update ensures some important add-ons and changes were made. If you want to be sure your phone has the newest version that you can access, clear out your phone’s cache.

WhatsApp Develops Business Accounts

WhatsApp recently announced it created a Business app, enabling business owners to develop accounts for work reasons. The WhatsApp Web is also listening to businesses, and the newest update has focused on them. The Web version of the popular app is designed for both regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business.

For the Web app, you’ll see a verified for business icon. If the WhatsApp account is a business-owned account, a green checkmark badge means the account has been verified. If unverified, there will be a grey question mark next to the profile.

Should business accounts have just a confirmed phone number, the grey checkmark badge is also shown.

New Emojis

The latest WhatsApp version comes with new emojis for the WhatsApp Web for Windows Phone or Android. No iOS users have seen the latest emoji set. The reason for that is the Unicode design. As it stands, WhatsApp has no plans to make design changes for the iOS users.

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