Facebook-owned WhatsApp will receive enhanced notification support on Android Oreo and the update is available on the WhatsApp beta versions. The notification support for Oreo will reach masses soon enough and WhastApp users will be able to disable certain notifications and also prioritize others.

WhatsApp notification channel support

Google Chrome was the first software in which notification channels were implemented in July 2017. The newest WhatsApp update supports 10 notification channels: group notifications, message notifications, chat history backup, critical app alerts, media playback, failure notifications, uncategorized, silent notifications, sending media and more. Users are guided by the settings available.

A user can label each group with different importance levels: from “Low” to “Urgent” and this means that they will not receive in some cases notifications on a regular basis. The “Do not Disturb” feature is overridden by this new update. Group notifications can also be managed apart from message notifications.

How to check the notification options

Those who want to try this new cool feature, which will be available soon for the masses, have to long-press the WhatsApp icon and head to “Notifications”. In this section users have to tap on “App Info” and go to the “Other notifications” channel. There are several options available: “Urgent”, “High”, “Medium” and “Low”.  From all, the “Low” feature will disable the WhatsApp Web notification icon.

A new feature is also the option to switch from voice to video calls. Those who use these two options a lot can switch between them without having to hang up.

Enthusiasts who want to try sooner the newest upgrades can access the Google Play beta program and get the WhatsApp v2.18.18 beta. Of course, this update is only available for Android users of Oreo or above. The rest have to keep on waiting.

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